Welcome to our Farm

We are committed to regenerating the land by producing the highest quality, nutrient-dense food. We seek to improve the health of soil and cultivate an abundantly diverse community of plants and animals that function together symbiotically, painting a picture of what it would look like to visit the Garden of Eden.


What's Happening on the Farm Right Now?

Stewardship is complex and often has many layers. As a family, we believe God entrusts us to be good stewards of His creation daily. Because the farm surrounds us, our obligation to the land and animals often takes first priority. Our customers, as an extension of the farm, also became priority in our life. However, in the season of life as a family with very young children, we are changing how we do things a little.

We decided to take a step away from the direct market portion of our farm. We are continuing to farm, only it will look a little different. It may look like we are going backward. Please know, we are actually going forward. We are regaining valuable family time, connecting with community, and growing in our farming skills in conjunction with another family farm. 

While we are not sure what the future of our farm looks like, we are focusing on our core values, and we are stewarding the relationships and the resources we are blessed with.

At this time, we are not trying to actively sell any products from our farm, but we may have some products available if you are interested and want to ask directly. We will do some things minimally on social media. If we are silent at times just know we are choosing to pour instead into the little people in our lives and the animals and land we get to stewarrd.



We're grateful to our friends Hannah Gow and Devon for our family photos and for some stock photos directly from Wix.
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