CSA options

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture!

Everything picked up from the farm or one of our pickup locations. If you must miss, you can arrange to pick up at another time during the CSA period.


Chicken Share

One whole pasture-raised 4-5 pound chicken every other week.
July 12-December 27


Egg Share

One dozen eggs every week.
May 3-October 25


Pork Share

3-6 pounds of pork cuts every other week (each box includes: 1lb bacon, 1lb ground pork, and one of: sausage/bratwurst, smoked and cured ham roast, shoulder roast, pork spare ribs, pork chops, jowl, and seasoned ground sausage)
May 3-October 25

Broiler Chicken Raising.jpg

Chicken Pre-order Form

$5 per bird to reserve your order.

Broiler chickens will be ready for pickup on July 5th. They are Cornish Cross broilers raised on pasture and processed on the farm.